Thursday, May 21, 2009

Me vs. James Niggemeyer (I have finally crossed the line......)

I really don't know why I'm about to share with everyone this latest battle as I'm sure I will lose many "friends" here and get scolded at. I thought I was exposing a leech, a poser, a fake hero, someone who was exploiting a tragic event in the world of music for his own gain and access to concerts and shows and being able to meet artists. I'm talking about James Niggemeyer, the officer who had shot and killed Nathan Gale, the man who killed Dimebag Darrell, at the Alrosa club in Columbus, Ohio on December 8, 2004. James was a "friend" here, but now no longer. We had some words and, let's just say, it ended. I am here to say that I am not a good person, I am not a nice person, and I have truly lost touch with reality finally. Hopefully, this will provide some sort of cartharsis for myself and James, and if not.... then so be it!

Who will cast the first stone at me?

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From: ..m/etalBro4Life
Date: Jan 28, 2009 3:36 AM

I finally see you for what you truly are, you're a goddamn leech, not a hero. You're someone who is using the death of Dimebag Darrell and making himself into a star within the metal community. Seriously, dude, looking at all the pictures and the bands you've met, it's clear that you're using this notoriety to meet as many metal musicians as possible and posing as a so-called "hero." You're supposed to be a cop, goddamn you! Ever hear of subtlety? Why are constantly basking in Dimebag's tragedy when you should be doing your job quietly away from the spotlight? I find what you're doing to be obscene, disgusting, and disrepsectful to Dimebag, the police and to yourself. Seeing you wearing a BLS jacket and doorag is a joke... aren't you too old to be playing dress up? Go back to wearing a uniform, or at least fade away. You are NOT metal by any means.

Your MetalBro4Life,


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From: James Niggemeyer
Date: Jan 28, 2009 3:51 AM

Just so you know asshole, the pictures you see me with metal stars are shows that I was asked to attend. I don't just show up and expect to get in or have special treatment. And as far as the BLS jacket, that was given to me by Zakk himself at a show in Columbus. I refused to take it and he insisted I have it or I took it out of respect for him. If you have any problems with that then you better take it up with him youself. The reason you don't see me on all the talk shows and writing books is because I turned all them down because I don't want any fame from the sad tradgedy that happened. It's people like you that make me want to puke! I will forward this email to the rock stars that ask me to come to their shows and see what duchbags I have to deal with with. You call yourself a metalbro4life...if you only knew the fucking respect that goes into this industry you would shut your fucking mouth...but you are obviosly too stupid to understand what the word respect means. The next time you have to do anything to put your life on the life to save anothers...then come talking to me, until then fuck off!!!

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: ..m/etalBro4Life
Date: Jan 28, 2009 12:31 PM

Look, Niggemeyer, first you need to spell check what you write, because you sound like a dumb, illiterate fuck! (Life on the line... not life on the life) And cop or no cop, you are the asshole. I buy your excuses one bit. You obviously a fan of the music and you're exploiting what happened even now perhaps, more than 4 years later. And you didn't even save Dimebag at all, just "the Kat".

Fuck you, cocksucker! I am more metal than you'll ever be in life! I love and respect this music and the bands, but you're nothing but a pig! And for the record, I am Junior A&R for two reputable metal labels, and we don't need assclowns like you to exploit a tragedy. I met Rita and she's a sweetheart and it kills me that a hanger-on like you has to bother her.

Show everyone this letter and the last! EVERYONE! Zakk, Rita, Kat, Ozzy, Sharon, Pat, Tongs, whoever the fuck you had a chance to meet because of this - shame on you, pig!

Your TRUE MetalBro4Life,


Kris, I appreciate all the time you seem to be taking out of your extremely busy schedule to show me all your attention. I am truly honored, but life is very short and I don't have time for people with such hatred. I have met thousands of "metal fans" over my life and have learned to appreciate and respect the music they are so passionate about and the way they conduct themselves. I always heard about the bad rap they get, but never saw it myself as they have always been cool, passionate and respectful towards me. That is until I received such a wonderful letter from you. You have definately shown me the side of "metal fans" I hear about, I'm just glad I have never seen it until now. I guess 1 out of thousands is a good ratio. I promise I won't let you change my mind of how I feel towards a great industry.

I guess your anger still seems to be the fact that I have met so many artists because of a horrible situation I was involved in. I didn't ask to be the one forced to kill someone, but that is what I signed up to do if the day ever called for it. While I didn't save Dime as you say, there was no one obviously that could have as a crazed lunatic made sure that wouldn't happen. Don't even begin to try and blame me. You still don't seem to understand that I am asked by either the atrist, crew, or venue to appear as a guest at these events...not something I set out to do myself. How hard is that to understand. Am I supposed to be rude and tell them no? I'm sure you tell the record labels you work for no everytime they want you to go to a show and you have to meet an artist because of your job right. You still think its all me on my own, WOW!

I shake my head as I sit here and type this wondering why I try to use logic to someone who obviously has such a horrid opinion already ingrained. Life is what it is and we all have a purpose, I hope you do something great with yours in the future and people don't show you the same hatred. I would love to keep talking with you, but this will never go anywhere because of your hatred. Good luck with your future and please don't respond as I have nothing further to add.

Best of luck to you in life, James

And with that, he removed me as a friend. Can you blame him? I certainly don't.

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