Friday, May 14, 2010

Phil and Kirk: A KISS BETWEEN "BROS"?

Frankly, I'm speechless.... but in a good way! In light of many working class heroes and "rock gods" in the metal community coming out and being proud of their gayness, such as Priest's Rob Halford, who still maintain a devout following even among the heavily homophobic salad-tossers in the community, it's good to see that the long-winded ramblings and chest-pounding machoness of Phil Anselmo have fallen by the wayside and can show man-to-man love with the equally grizzly Kirk Windstein, his bandmate and brother in Down.

Adding more fuel to the fire to Phil Anselmo and his certain "ways" such as showing off his cock to many of his predominantly male friends and allowing many to comment, Kirk included, on the size, length, and girth to Anselmo schlonger. Regardless, it gives pause to anyone who would never expect these two to lock lips, for whatever the reason may be. Is this for shock value, a la Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich's infamous 1996 "tonguing" kiss? Or is it a simple case of "bro-love" among buddies who have known each other since they were kids, which to me sounds like something from out of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Hell, they could have been drunk and playing "Truth or Dare" for all we know.

Regardless, if this chips away at the pathetic and tired homophobia that is still running rampant in the country, and metal is slowly embracing gays into the fold, then I'm all for it! Kirk and Phil, thank you for taking that brave first step! Have a ball and don't forget to glove it up! \m/

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