Saturday, June 5, 2010

Peace between Yours Truly and Kip Winger!

I recently had a good conversation with our man Winger and we came to a mutual understanding that allowed us to lay down our guns and make peace. I came to the realization that I am dealing with a very sharp, quick-witted and a truly deep individual in Mr. Charles Frederick "Kip" Winger, much brighter and respectable than I had given him credit for. And while I am still not a fan of his earlier pop-metal, balletic tunes of the early 90s, I am a great fan of classical and symphonic music and recently found myself enjoying his "Ghosts" EP to be a surprisingly moving and remarkable piece of work. It's available on iTunes for $7.99.

And so I hereby recant my earlier harsh criticism for Mr. Winger and commend him on moving away from his past indiscretions with what is termed "metal" and finding a new - and proper - home in classical/symphonic composition.

Me and Kip Winger

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