Friday, June 25, 2010

Danzig w/ Gorgeous Frankenstein and Seventh Void @ Nokia - 6/18/10

I wanted to wait until after the release of the latest Danzig offering, Deth Red Sabaoth, to make a fitting and decisive critique on this night's show.

After listening to the 52 minute serving of Danzig croons and blues-and-doom metal, it is quite possible to say that old Glenn has a bit of time left before he expires. At least, on record he does. Onstage, there's a lot of heavy breathing and, dare I say, WHEEZING! But even after 30 years, Diva Danzig remains pretty solid in his performance. This time, there isn't any spooky fog blowing in the air, or flames coming out from the floorboards, like at the Roseland Ballroom show two years ago. (Should we blame the economy for this particular downsizing?) With the help of Prong's Tommy Victor, former Samhain partner Steve Zing, and former Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly, the new music doesn't sound completely terrible. But it's a huge sigh of relief when they start busting out into "Twist of Cain," "Her Black Wings," "Am I Demon," and the always-favored "Mother". My favorite was the ever-spirited "Black Angel, White Angel". Set grade: B

Doyle Frankenstein's Gorgeous Frankenstein was shit! A boring piece of nostalgic trash that sucks the dick of the memory of Danzig-era Misfits. Set Grade: D+

And Seventh Void? The only thing I can really say is that Johnny and Kenny should be thankful they came up with this band just in time before Pete's death. SV, however, comes off sounding like pre-Superunknown Soundgarden, which I don't think is accidental. I think Hickey is even trying to LOOK like Chris Cornell from that time, complete with shaggy long hair and a cheesy porno mustache. Come up with some originality, fellas. Set Grade: C

Show Grade: B-

Glenn Danzig getting bitchslapped. (This is for not stopping to take pics with fans, you cunt!)

Seventh Void

Georgeous Frankenstein




Me and Tommy Victor, trying to give me a hickey. (He was on something!)

Me and Steve Zing (He's a tiny dude!)

Me and Johnny Kelly, deserves a tea-bagging

Me and Chris Cornell... oops, I meant Kenny Hickey

Me and John Araya (Coolest mofo!)

Bass picks courtesy of John Araya

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