Thursday, July 29, 2010

The "FEUD SERIES" Vol. 4: Max Cavalera vs. Andreas Kisser: Did Andreas Kill the Sepultura Reunion?

Yes, we know that Sepultura is still alive and kicking with a brand-new album, 2009's A-LEX, which I have purposely chosen NOT to listen to. Why? Because this isn't Sepultura.... it's not MY Sepultura! It's also not the RIGHT incarnation. I don't know Derick Green, nor do I care to know who he is, all I know is he is not the right man for the job. The job belonged to Maxipad Cavalera, who vacated the spot in 1996 after the band wanted to ousted ice-queen Gloria Cavalera, Max's wife, as their manager. It turns out that after all these years, Max wanted back in - or at least try to get a reunion of the original members to perform, which also included his ungrateful, scumbag brother Igor on drums and Paulo Xisto Jr. on bass for a possible one-off show or even a tour.

Quite possibly, at the expense of the current members of frontman Green and drummer Jean Dolabella, Kisser squashed any hope of that reunion. Cavalera claims to have tried his best, but ultimately failed. Perhaps Kisser was making a wise decision in this.... we all remember what happened to Anthrax when those Yankee fuckheads had that "Among the Living" tour back in 2005-2006 and they couldn't decide on the proper frontman for the job. In that mindset, Kisser was probably doing the right thing. But for the fans who want to see this happen, like myself, Kisser is a fucking douchebag!


Max had spoken to another douchebag from the about this:

"There were reports recently that you had been open to the possibility of the classic SEPULTURA lineup reuniting for a tour, but allegedly talks stalled. Can you shed some light on this perhaps?"

Max Cavalera: "Yeah, that was with Andreas (Kisser, guitars)... I thought the time was good, it would have been a good time for a reunion, everybody's alive, everybody's here. So I just decided to call him myself to see if we can get this reunion (happening that) a lot of people wanted to see, including my kids, my family, a lot of friends. I know a lot of friends in the whole world who wanted to see this reunion, I thought it'd be a good thing. So I call him and it didn't really go anywhere. He just demanded a lot of stuff, some unreal things, it was not... some of that was not even negotiable. So I just kind of hang up the phone and just say, "I'll try again later, some other time". So it kind of, with things like that now, we just... At least I try, you know, to the fans — I did try my best to get a reunion going, but I couldn't do it because Andreas didn't want to, you know? So gotta wait until next time."

"So try again in a couple of years' time then?"

Max Cavalera: "Yeah, let's see in a couple of years what will happen, maybe he'll change his mind and be more cool about it."

Like the man said, guess we're gonna have to wait in a couple years. Thanks, asshole!

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